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The Sims Medieval Event - Our first impressions & answers to your questions! - Your questions! PDF Print
Written by Paperpin Saturday, 26 February 2011 00:00
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The Sims Medieval Event - Our first impressions & answers to your questions!
Our first impressions about The Sims Medieval - part two
Your questions!
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Now, let's focus on your questions. Some of you wrote us to know some information about the game. Let's see what we found out.

 • Will we see a demo of the game before its release?

No, the game will not be downloadable as a demo before its release, on March 25.

 • Will we be able to play with another kingdom (like Riverview for The Sims 3) and create new medieval worlds with the Create a World tool?

We'll see. It's like custom content, and producers have been a bit vague about it. We doubt that CAW can be used for The Sims Medieval though, as they are two different games.

 • As for the castle, can we see only the main rooms or we can visit the whole building?

There are no other rooms beyond the ones you can see. In the castle there is the throne room and the king's rooms (bedroom, bathroom and kitchen). The building's view, however, is quite different from The Sims 3, because every lot can be seen in section and you cannot turn the camera 360° (it looks a bit like a doll house).

 • Can you declare war to your neighbors or fight real wars in our or others kingdoms?

Yes, you can declare war to other kingdoms, but we didn't have the chance to see how this interaction works. But do not expect warriors and bloody battles. The Sims is always The Sims!

 • During the Townhall event (that is, the last time we have seen the gameplay) I've noticed several differences in the interface, aren't there wishes anymore? Also, I couldn't see the job, needs, inventory, relationship tabs...was that area modified or is everything like in The Sims 3?

The UI is similar to The Sims 3's, but of course being a different game has a lot of different features. In our report we will cover in detail all the features of the interface. Anyway, we can say that some of the functions of The Sims 3 are not available, such as the job tab or many needs.

 • I didn't notice kids in the trailer. Can we have children and grow them?

Yes, you can have children but babies will only grow up to child, nothing else. The generational aspect is quite different from The Sims 3.

 • Is there a Buy/Build mode?

Yes and no. Since you cannot create new buildings but only furnish them, there is only one mode, called Furnish (or something like that. The game we played was in Italian), that includes all the decorative items and some of the elements we usually find in the Build mode (like fireplaces). Even in this case, we'll talk about it deeply in our coverage.

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