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Right after lunch, we've been introduced to the long nights of The Sims 3 Late Night by producer Melanie Lam. Here below you can find  the coverage of what we learned, with a few information added from our previous articles and details taken from previews of other countries (highlighted by this symbol humiliated as we cannot grant for them).

Even though we already said that, we repeat that our pictures are very poor quality as we didn't think we could publish them. We took them for "personal use" and we didn't want to bother the producers with flashes and lights. Anyway, since others have published them, we do too, but will remove them if EA requires so. What you are going to see is not the final version of the game and is not the real graphics quality.melanielam_sm

We also want to say again that there were other Italian sites attending the event: Barbara from SimsMaker, Daniela from DanielaSims, Simone from Mondosims, Luck and Kat for Edenstyle, as Eden and Mary did not attend. We did miss a few pictures actually, as we were trying to help translating some answers of the producers and some questions of the players. We hope you'll enjoy our coverage as you did for our Ambitions' huge article.

Note: we had the chance to see the game in Italian in the tv screen (trying to help Melanie to figure out the right menu options, as it obviously wasn't easy for her) and in English on her Mac, when she allowed us to use it. So, you will find some pictures in Italian and some others in English.

Icon and loading screen

As for Ambitions, we did pay attention to details. Unfortunately, the game was already running on both machines, so we couldn't see the loading screen. We saw the icon, indeed, and we really like it as it is a bit like our site: purple!

Here it is:


sorry for the awful quality, but it's taken from one of our pics.

icon_buybuildBuy/Build Mode

There's a lot of new items in the Buy/Build Mode. Let's see them.

icon_buildBuild Mode

Halfwalls: thank God, they're back. Finally we'll be able to use them again without custom content!

Internal stage: another glad return! You can now create stages and small platforms without going crazy with cheats. They are shorter than The Sims 2's and cannot be overlaid nor you can place stairs on them.

Elevators: skyscrapers and apartments have elevators, of course! Here they are and yes, you can woohoo inside them.


Fountains: a new tools allows you to create fountains. How can a VIP club be an exclusive club without a fountain? (picture taken from Laremandgo


Subway: you can also place the subway, that will take Sims in every corner of the town even quicker than a taxi. You can choose at which stop you want to go but you cannot follow your Sim, that will disappear and appear in the destination spot. You can even play an instrument for tips.


Rounded pools: we didn't see them, so we can't say if they only have rounded sides or what.

You can move paintings up and down the wall.

Other items: we didn't see the Build Mode completely, but we know there are new windows, doors, plants, etc., things we saw around Bridgeport. Also, the skyscrapers are actually lots you can place around the town, just like any other rabbithole (stadium, city hall, etc), but you can live inside them and are somewhat accessible. You can find more details about them in the Apartments section.

icon_buyBuy Mode

We were looking at the Buy mode when Melanie needed her laptop back as she had to leave, so we couldn't see all the new objects. For example, we didn't see if there is a new tab for the Club items, even if we suppose they were placed in the existing categories.

There's a phletora of new objects, we wrote about some of them in the past and are surely going to miss something…The Sims 3 Late Night is very modern, and there's a lot of new things we like.

  • Bathroom: in the new items for the bathroom there are three new sinks, two new toilets (an ordinary one and a urinal) and three hot tubs. You can see them below:


  • Counters: if you have a thing for modern kitchens, you'll love the new counters with shelves, coffee machine and fridge.


  • Seats and beds: modular sofas are back (the ones that "create an angle" when connected)! There are also new beds, among which there is the vampire's one with candles (similar to an altar. We didn't see it but we thank L'UniverSims for the picture). There are surely new chairs and stool but we didn't see them!


  • Fish tank: as we already said, there is a new aquarium that can be placed through the wall creating a "window effect". The thing is, you won't have to feed your fishes because they're virtual! They were made for celebrities who do not have enough time to feed their little creatures, so you cannot put inside it real fishes. Anyhow, we saw the option "Feed with virtual food", or something like that.


  • Musical instruments: we talked about them in the past, but let's repeat. You will find a keyboard, drums and the bass. They are already inside the clubs you can play at.


  • Lights: beyond strobos and FX machine (which is not the Fog Emitter of Ambitions), you will find new lamps and lights.


  • Entertainment: there's a lot of things here!
  • Blubblebar: it looks like an oxygen bar, is colored and your Sims can choose among several flavors: chocolate, mint, strawberry, banana, pineapple and cotton candy. Each flavor can affect the mood of your Sim.


  • Dance Floor: is a squared platform your Sims can dance on.
  • Shuffle board,darts, arcade games.
  • Other items: there are also tables, chairs, etc. French sites mentioned also the air ducting, but we didn't see it. For example, behind the counters in a club there was some kind of a shelves unit, you can see it in the picture below.


New things in the CAS

In the Create a Sim mode there are many new things! Are you ready to see them? Let's go.


ep3_cas_slider First of all we should mention the new sliders, that allow a powerful customization of your Sims and improve their appeal.
  • Muscles: both for males and females. This slider allows to define all body muscles, as chest, abs, biceps, .... There is only a slider so the size and definition of each muscle is the same. In the picture below you can see a medium value of this slider.


  • Breast: of course, this is a slider for females only. You can finally define the size of boobs, it's a single parameter and you cannot choose different width, height and so. The image below is by Viviana from EA and shows this slider in action.



There are some nice hairstyles both for females and males (as usually, female hairstyles look better than male's). These are available for teen, young adult, adult and elder.

5 female hairstyles:


3 female hairstyles with accessories:


6 male hair


1 male hairstyle with accessories


Clothes, accessories and shoes

Finally in this EP we can find some modern clothes, and we can say that they are pretty and closer the European fashion style. We tried to take pictures of them all, but we are sure that we missed out some items. By the way, here you can find a preview of some contents of this EP, like clothes, accessories and shoes.
Just a note... they are only for young adult and adult. . We haven't seen clothes for teen, children or elder, but we hope they will be included in the final version of this EP (remember that this is only a beta build, not the final version of game)

ep3_clothes_male ep3_shoes_female

ep3_accessories ep3_shoes_male

Tattoos and beards

Too many things to check and really not enough time, so we haven't seen all CAS tabs. We have seen 2 new beards (one very long and another one quite short) and 4 new tattoos (showed here below).

ep3_cas_beard ep3_tattoo

Traits and aspirations

There are 2 new traits, as already said: shy and star quality. Star quality helps you to become a celebrity faster, as Ambitions traits help you to learn skills faster. We looked at traits only from CAS so we can't give you further details.
Even if we cannot tell you the new aspirations, we can say that finally you will be able to choose the aspiration from a drop down list, not only from the suggested ones.

Other CAS news

The producers heard our requests! The astrological signs are back! Now from the CAS (random for existing sims) you can choose a zodical sign. They are the same of real life, but they are just for fun. They don't change a Sim's behavior, even if Melanie told us that the first idea regarding zodical signs was to study from web the interactions between signs and reproduce them in the game.


About favourite music, there is a new kind of music: Hip Hop.

CAS and Vampires

We should underline that you cannot create vampires from CAS. You can turn Sims into vampires only by playing.


Bridgeport was the first feature of the game that we saw when we entered the room where the presentation was taking place. The game was already running and was showing the map of the city, at night. As we said previously, Bridgeport is a modern town, full of skyscrapers and tall buildings, a long bridge that connects the two parts of the neighborhood and many clubs to visit. Being crowded with VIPs, the city has an exclusive residential area and places for celebrities only, as well as lots for “ordinary people”. Almost every house, however, has a swimming pool or a hot tub (and when they're placed on the roof, they look fantastic!).

ep3_bridgeport_01 ep3_bridgeport_02

Community lots are the same we have in the other towns, a little revised maybe, but there are also new clubs and the apartments/skyscrapers. Around in the town you can also find the hot-dog cart, where you can go to eat something.


Obviously, the neighborhood has also new residential lots, new families and NPCs, that somehow make the town unique: although you can place the new lots in any neighborhood, you'll have to wait a little for the celebrities to ...move somewhere!

You can also move around the town quickly thanks to the new subway system (with about 10 stations), that allows Sims to travel to one side of Bridgeport to the other in a few minutes: just click on one of the stations and choose a destination with the Travel to.. option. The service is free, but be careful as you can get mugged! Moreover, if you feel inspired and can play the guitar, you can play for tips in the subway station (in this case, you'll have to choose the Play for tips option). The subway is a rabbithole, so you cannot follow your Sims there. Of course, however, you can place it in every neighborhood and, when in debug mode, you can also place stations in your residential lot.


Among the new features of Late Night, you can find apartments: as we said in previous articles, they are placed in tall buildings and skyscrapers, have an elevator and...only your Sims can live there.

ep3_build_lift ep3_citofono

Following the system of World Adventures' tombs, each building is a “shell” whose internal part is almost totally grayed out, except for the hall (where you can find a big entry phone with the name of the neighbors) and your apartment. Everything else cannot be seen and used, and basically your Sims are the only ones who live in that building. You may meet people entering or exiting the other doors, but there is no one living there beyond you, so you cannot go and visit the neighbors.

Each building has only one apartment you can choose, that cannot be modified (unless you use cheats) and that can be placed on the lower, medium or highest floor. In short, each building has only one apartment placed on one specific floor. It is also important to underline that apartments can only be bough and not rented, and buying an apartment is one of the new wishes.


The second new feature of Late Night are clubs, placed everywhere in the town. There are VIP clubs, where only celebrities can get in, other places for everyone and places for vampires.

Each club has an opening time (usually from 4.00pm to 4.00am, but you can edit the opening time with a controller similar to World Adventure's for traps). Note: teenagers can go to the clubs but still have the curfew. Clubs are rich in entertainment: there's a dance floor (with the FX machine that can spit fire, snow, confetti and fog, strobos and other colored lights), bar counters and modular sofas where you can relax. Of course, inside each club you can enjoy a huge range of drinks, each of which has a different name and effect (they're not alcoholic, however) and that you can create on your own if are good at Mixology (the new ability we'll see in a few paragraphs, although it wasn't covered during the event) or also, you can offer a drink to your friends or members of your group. Producer Melanie Lam has also told us a couple of facts: bartenders can name a drink after someone and, if they are Insane they can mix drinks with a sort of flame thrower!

ep3_club_01 ep3_club_02

The drinks system reminds of the nectar making of World Adventures: you can use several ingredients from your Inventory and place them in the cocktail shaker, so you'll have a lot of possibilities. Prices may vary too from cocktail to cocktail and from club to club, especially for drinks loved by celebrities, that are very expensive. We suggest you to pay a visit during the happy hour, as prices are lower (you will get a message notifying the happy hour arriving)!
In the club you can also eat a few new meals that you cannot prepare at home: onion rings, nachos, chicken wings and grilled cheese are for bars only, and you cannot buy the recipe.

ep3_club_03In each club you can enjoy your time thanks to:
  • a new musical genre (Hip hop)
  • the new bubblebar (some kind of oxygen bar mixed with The Sims 2's bubble emitter, where Sims can taste a few flavors: pineapple, mint, chocolate, cotton candy, strawberry and banana. Each flavor affects the mood of your Sim)
  • you can dance on tables and counters
  • bands can play live
  • arcade games, darts and shuffleboard

Exclusive clubs and VIP areas around the town have bouncers, who won't hesitate to kick out someone: however, if you are striving to enter a VIP area and are far from being inserted in the list, you can try to sneak in, bribe the bouncer or make friends with him and get access.


There are also moments when exaltation and adrenaline freak you out, and someone starts to go mad...well, bar fights are in Late Night too, and they are kinda amusing, as anyone can join! Also, if a celebrity takes part in a fight, it will take very little for the paparazzi to come and take pictures. In this case, the selected celebrity can try to pay them or go to the City Hall to sue them.

ep3_club_04 ep3_club_05

Careers and abilities

Late Night introduces a new career and a few new abilities. If you love the show business, the new Cinema career is great for you. You can choose to be an Actor or a Director, and according to the branch you'll follow, you get different career rewards, like the director's chair or the actor's van. This is a traditional career, not a profession, so you won't be able to follow your Sims at work, that is, in the Studios
As for abilities, beyond the new instruments (piano/keyboard, bass and drums) there is also the Mixology skill, that is, the ability of creating drinks and cocktails. It is not a new career as a bartender, but it's a normal ability that allows you to moonlight as a mixologist in clubs and bars. As we said, each drink has a different color and effect, and there's a lot of them that you can taste.

The bartender can offer drinks to other Sims (there is a dedicated menu option that sounds something like "Drinks on the house" for 48§ - at least in the example we saw. It may vary according to the number of Sims available), name a drink after someone (who knows if this will help for romance) and of course, he can do all the moves of the perfect cocktail maker (be careful, unexperienced bartenders can break a lot of glasses).


Drinks can be also prepared at home and placed in your Inventory or sold to the supermarket.


If you have Virtuoso Sims, they can join together and create bands, playing in different clubs. Late Night introduces three new instruments: the bass (well, it's more like a double bass, at least from what we've seen in one of the clubs), the drums and the piano/keyboard, each of which has its own relative skill. Unexperienced musicians will play for free, but gaining skills they can become great players and be well paid.

ep3_music_02 ts3_ep3_10

If you are a musician, you can register as an independent worker at the city hall, like you do for other abilities like writing or painting after Ambitions. It isn't part of the Rockstar career of the base game. 
In the club we saw during the event there was a small stage with instruments: musicians, in fact, will find their equipment right in the club, and won't use their personal instruments. Note: bands are pretty instrumental, as there is no microphone and you cannot sing.

ep3_music_01 ep3_music_03

As for the band, members can always join or leave (even though we don't know the maximum number of members a group can have). When making friends with someone, you can ask other Sims to be part of your band or kick someone out.


ep3_group-plumGroups are another feature that is re-introduced in The Sims 3 and that was already available in the previous chapter thanks to Nightlife. You can arrange your contacts in groups and go out together, have fun in the club, have dinner and so on. 

Groups can be created for different purposes, and although we don't know if there will be different kinds and names, we think it will be possible to create the coworkers group, for example, or the one of close friends, females only, or - why no - the group of celebrities! Wherever you want to go, if you invite the member of your group, they will follow you…if they can have enough fun! 
The members of your groups are indicated by a specific symbol: a light blue plumbob that rotates above their heads, and you can talk and have a drink with them even while sitting. If the members of your group throw a party, you can be invited and enjoy your time. Also, if the Sim that has the party is a celebrity, you will find the bouncer at his/her house.






The possibility of making celebrities was available only in the first chapter of the game, with the EP "Superstar". This feature was not introduced in The Sims 2, and many players asked for it: their requests have been fulfilled and finally with Late Night you can have neighborhoods full of VIPs.

It is not a new career, but a status you can acquire. If you reach the top of your career, you have more chances of becoming a celebrity, especially if you choose the Cinema job. Anyhow, being famous depends on how you can impress a celebrity. It is not automatically …you'll have to work for it!

In your help there is a new trait, Star Quality, that gives your Sim higher chances of becoming famous, like the Eccentric trait for the Inventing ability in Ambitions or Artistic for the painting skill. Popularity is indicated with a star meter (1 to 5), that appears near a Sim's avatar.


Celebrities have many pros and cons: although they have free access everywhere, exclusive clubs with exclusive items, discounts and gifts, they are also victims of paparazzi. If a celebrity makes something wrong or is caught in a fight, paparazzi can take pictures, so your VIP will have to do something for that, like trying to bribe the photographer or going to the City Hall and sue him. However, celebrities need paparazzi as much as paparazzi need celebrities: it is thanks to them that VIPs are so popular (gossips, newspapers..). So, celebrities can be paid to talk about someone or something, be in a particular place and be the talk of the town. Paparazzi's scoops can be of any kind.

We haven't seen it in detail, but we know that there is a “Celebrity Journal”. We took the picture from the site Electric Ping


As you can see, there are some statics, such as: the number of celebrities known, the number of discounts and freebies obtained as a celebrity, the amount of money saved as a celebrity, the number of clubs visited, the number of times photographed and the number of autographs signed. But you can also see the number of times publicy disgraced (paparazzi are everywhere, remember this!) and falsely accused. On the top of this journal you can monitor your celebrity level and your progress to get the next star.

VIPs can audition other Sims and it's from that that your destiny of "mr. nobody" can change. Also, even if we don't know if this option is available for everyone, celebrities can hire a butler for 1200§ a week.

The "celebrity status" is passed down genetically, and in fact the children of a VIP have part of his/her fame. This feature, that appears from the teenage (for example when a teen wants to go in an exclusive club), allows the child to have one or two fame stars from the birth.

Then, as we have already said, around the town there are many VIP areas with bouncers, that normal Sims cannot visit. These lots can be placed in any neighborhood, but you'll have to wait for a while for the celebrities to move.




Vampires, as we all know, are the new creatures of Late Night. Recognizing a vampire may not be easy, actually: these creatures, in fact, can camouflage themselves very well with other Sims, and can be identified from two physical features: their skin is covered with a glowing layer that makes them paler than normal Sims, and their eyes are glowing a bit too. Despite the vampires from The Sims 2, there are no new skintones or eye colors for vampires, so their look doesn't change too much.

ep3_vampire_moodlet_vigorePersonally, during the event, we realized one of the Sims shown was a vampire because he was in a club at night and was learning to play the keyboard. Since they are night creatures, after the sunset they get a moodlet that allows them to learn skills faster, and when this happens, they have a rotating bat floating on their heads (that's why we got that the Sim was a vampire). This moodlet is called "Vigore vampiresco" in the italian version, perhaps in english is something similar to "Vampire's strength

As for motives, the only difference with normal Sims (in add to the bars color that is dark and not green as usually) is the Hunger bar, that has been replaced with Thirst. Vampires can eat normal food, but that won't affect them, since their only meal is blood (so they cannot die of Hunger but of Thirst, creating a new kind of ghost. Actually, they can die for everything except Hunger). And who knows what happens if they eat garlic...
Vampires have many ways to find nourishment: they can go hunting, eat plasma snacks, grow bloodfruits or go to the hospital to get a few plasma bags. During the event we saw a vampire hunting for victims: by clicking on the vampire and choosing the Hunt option, he started to look around and find possible victims. The way a vampire goes hunting is quite new, as he uses a thermal vision in order to see how much blood a Sim has. The victim is shown in this "thermal version" (that is, in red, yellow, green, blue).

ep3_vampire_moodlet_spuntinoEven when a vampire has found his victim, he won't attack him/her by surprise, but will ask first. If the relationship between them isn't good, the victim will deny the permission. On the other hand, depending on how good is the relation, there will be different kinds of bites (or so they say, since we saw only one, on the arm). When the vampire drinks blood by hunting, is so satisfied that gets a positive moodlet for the Extragood Taste.


A normal bite will not turn victims into vampires: if you wish to become one of them, you'll have to build a good relationship with a vampire and ask to transform you. When this happens, both Sims are surrounded by a red aura with bats. If you don't want to be a vampire anymore, you can go to the Science Lab and buy a potion.


Also, vampires can have children too. If a vampire and a normal Sims have babies, there will be a 50% of having a normal child and 50% of having a vampire. There are no half-bloods! However, since we didn't see any, we don't know if vampire child have all the features of a vampire or not. It looks like that the features appear during the teenage/young adult stage, but we don't know more. We know only that children vampire should go to school during the day.

Despite normal Sims, then, vampires can move quickly from one place to another and can read and manipulate other Sims' minds (they can read the other sim traits). Also, they sleep on some kind of altar, where they float above with crossed arms, as you can see from this picture taken from Electric Ping (they don't sleep in a coffin):


ep3_vampire_moodlet_soleEven though they are night crawlers, vampires can go outside during the day, but will get seriously injured and have a negative moodlet (something like "Too much sun") that won't let them use their powers for a while. Vampires cannot die for the sunlight and age much slower than normal Sims.

Then, if you're wandering around at night and want to meet a vampire, the club Plasma 501 is what you're looking for, as it is an exclusive vampire place (so exclusive that there is a bouncer and you can get in only if you know at least a vampire).


icon_boardOther additions

Sure we have seen just a little of this new EP. For example a new addition is a new water reflection. You can find a new setting on graphic settings, and Melanie hightlined how the water reflection improve with this new function and really appear more realistic.

icon_8Gossip & Conclusions

Of course, we should really thank EA Italy for this event and for invite us. We thank producer too for their patience with us.
This expansion seems more interesting than it might seem initially, and it offers some possibilities for those who prefer to play without following the opportunities and complete them. It increases the interactions of everyday life for every sim, allowing them to spend an evening out with friends, have a drink, playing in clubs etc.. If Ambitions added new professions, Late Night thinks to round out your SIM from your daily routine. Vampires are only one side of the game, which certainly offers many interesting options, but those who do not want in your game can safely ignore them and not make friends with them in practice will not interfere with your game.
The skyscrapers and apartments add an urban style to your neighborhoods, and make The Sims 3 more real.
Some people are waiting for "the weather come back". There isn't weather in this EP, but we asked about Melanie and her response was very positive at least in our opinion. She said that they wanted to include the weather in this expansion, but they postponed its inclusion to make a great weather not only a marginal function in an EP with a lot of stuff. So, can we think that weather/seasons will be the theme of the next expansion?
We asked for a sim-surgery too. We also asked to Grant in May, but now Melanie told us that they wanted include this feature in Late Night, but they haven't enough time. So we can hope to get a surgery tool in the next expansion... 
Another function that us really miss is the collections in buy mode. Melanie agrees with us about its utility, but she don't talk about its implementation in The Sims 3...

What can we say now? Before this event we thought to know all about this expansion, now we have a lot of questions and of things we would like to try in the game! We should wait until the end of October for the release of Late Night and satisfy our doubts by playing for hours!

Finally we at the end of our report, we leave you with a group photo with Melanie! You can find all pictures in our Late Night preview gallery and you can find some additional photos on Facebook page!


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