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Home Guide The Sims Medieval - Lessons in capsule form - Quests
The Sims Medieval - Lessons in capsule form - Quests PDF Print
Written by CriCri Wednesday, 02 March 2011 00:00
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The Sims Medieval - Lessons in capsule form
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Quests are the main feature introduced by The Sims Medieval. The game has nearly 100 of them, and each can be developed in a different way, according to the hero you want to use. As you enlarge your kingdom and add new heroes and buildings, the number of available quests increases more and more.
Once you open the book of quests, you can find a list of the quests available. Each on is tagged by an icon that describes the nature of the quest (romantic, artistic, action..) and has a short introduction that explains what you have to do.
Here's a few examples: The fisherman's challenge, King for a day, The peasants' riot, A political marriage, Heir to the throne, The happy love doctor, Games of war, The farce, etc (translations are literal).
After you've selected a mission, you have to choose the approach you want to use and the primary hero. In some cases, you'll need a secondary hero that can help the main one when necessary.
For example, the "Peasants' Riot" quest can be undertaken with a pacific or drastic approach.
If you choose for the pacific one, you can send your bard to soften the hearts of the rebels with his music, or a merchant, to bribe them with money.
If you have a bloodthirsty soul, instead, and you think that sending someone to the Pit of Judgement can be a nice way to avoid further riots, the right approach for you is "Suppress". In this case, you'll have to make use of the spy or the knight.
The quest panel is very useful and appears once you have started a quest, showing the active Sim, what s/he has to do and how well s/he's doing.
On the right of each active Sim there are the quest's tasks, that is, what you have to do in order to reach the following step.


The performance bar determines how well you're doing. The higher the level, the best your rewards. Eventually, you'll get a reward and will be able to start another quest.

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