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Home Guide The Sims Medieval - Lessons in capsule form - Needs
The Sims Medieval - Lessons in capsule form - Needs PDF Print
Written by CriCri Wednesday, 02 March 2011 00:00
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The Sims Medieval - Lessons in capsule form
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Despite The Sims 3, characters in Medieval have only two need bards, for Energy and Hunger, that affect the Sim's behavior as well as his/her mood. In the Middle Ages, in fact, there were less primary needs. There weren't all those comforts modern Sims have!
This allows players to focus on the quests without spending too much time taking care of your Sim's needs – although they're still important.

If the bars are red, your Sims will have hard times completing his current quest.

The energy bar decreases slowly, and if you don't let your Sims take a nap or sleep, s/he will pass out and sleep on the ground. Some objects are more comfortable than others, so keep this in mind when buying a new bed. Wizards don't necessarily have to sleep, and can increase their energy meditating or drinking special potions.

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The Hunger bar should always be monitored: if a Sim doesn't eat for a long time, s/he gets a negative moodlet and can also die of starvation.

Medieval Sims can cook a wide range of meals, according to the ingredients they have. If you're tired of the everyday soup, at the market you can buy meat or fish or go hunting/fishing.

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Hygiene was not really important at the time, so there isn't a proper need bar. However, luckiest Sims can have a bath, receiving a positive moodlet. Also, there are no needs for the bladder, but this doesn't mean that medieval Sims don't need to empty it at times. To do it, they can use their pot..

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