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Home Meeting with the producers The Sims 3 preview with the producer MJ Chun (first part) - Traits and personality
The Sims 3 preview with the producer MJ Chun (first part) - Traits and personality PDF Print
Written by CriCri Saturday, 21 March 2009 01:59
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The Sims 3 preview with the producer MJ Chun (first part)
Creating a Sim: body shapes, height, color palette and patterns
Clothing, hairs, accessories and exportation
Disappointing customization and deja-vu feelings
Traits and personality
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Traits and personality

Kiddish Trait Let's get deeper, and imagine we have created our avatar; we only have to define its "inner side".

Lifetime wants

Thanks to Parsimonious Kate and her Creator's Camp review, we know all the 61 traits we'll find in the game. You can also find them on SnootySims. If a Sim has the Good trait, s/he can't have even the Bad trait.

MJ confirms that when we choose a trait, every incompatible one will be automatically disabled. This doesn't mean we can't give a Sim different traits, but if we can't have a good and bad Sim, we can always make a friendly and bad Sim (like politicians are, said MJ).
New options allows us to put 3 favourite things, like the Turn ons/off of Sims 2 Nightlife.
Scelta Tratti Scelta Tratti We can choose a favourite meal, music and color.
We have already said that they affect a Sim's mood, but we haven't found out yet if a color can influence a Sim too. Surely they can talk about their favourite color.

Sims 2 players also know that Sims are influenced by their relationships and that sexuality is not pre-determined; for example, if a male Sim has a friendship relation with same sex characters, romantic options will automatically show up. In The Sims 3 the device is the same, and you can't determine your Sim's sexuality, but it is somehow influenced by the surrounding environment, such as the relationships s/he's going to create with other Sims.
There are no more Aspirations and Rewards, but Lifetime Wants, that appear according to the 5 selected traits. The game provides us with 5 of them and we have to pick one.


Before talking about the gameplay and the neighborhood, we want to leave you with a little consideration...Although Sims 3 characters look "normal and playable", we can't say they're good -ooking, and we wanted to make a face-to-face comparison between defaults..

Paragone TS2 vs TS3 Paragone TS2 vs TS3
Paragone TS2 vs TS3 Paragone TS2 vs TS3
What do you think? Surely after this comparison, The Sims 3 looks waaay better, despite its limits!
Continue reading with the second part of our report!

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